Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Copywork of a different kind

Joshua drew Pollyanna for Anna this morning - right down to her freckles! If you're wondering why she looks so gormless, this is what he was copying from. It's the cover of Anna's copy of Pollyanna, which she received from Granny and Gramps for her birthday.


Mrs. Edwards said...

I love Joshua's artwork. Such expression and action!
I found you after you commented on my blog about BSF. It is exciting to know a faithful BSFer on the other side of the globe.

We love the preschool BSF and I only switched to evenings this year, although back in my pre-motherhood days I did evenings for a while. BSF gives a great foundation in the Word and I'm so grateful for its ministry.

I'm glad to find you and your blog, and I'll be stopping by!
Mrs. Edwards

mom24 said...

Our kids' artwork is so enjoyable! I wish that we could keep every piece!
Jefferson always does better when he has something to copy than when he has to pull it out of his head. I didn't realize that this is also considered 'copywork' and is a good learning tool for the right side of the brain!
Great job on the freckles!

Sharon said...

Joshua responds: "I guess I'm an artist! Thankyou for the compliment about the freckles."

Sharon responds: "If I kept every drawing he's done in the last few weeks of our Autumn holidays while he's been on a drawing craze, we would need a five-bedroom house rather than the four-bedroom one we currently squeeze into!"

Sharon said...

Glad to have you here Mrs. Edwards. I thoroughly enjoy BSF and am appreciating the links that the Holy Spirit helps me see to what is happening in my life and what else I'm learning as well.
~ Sharon